Here is why Indians are going GaGa over Thailand!

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Is there again a friend who booked their flights to Thailand? Have you ever wondered that Thailand too shares the same Andaman sea with our native ‘Andaman and Nicobar’ Island? So why are so many Indians crazy about Thailand?

The first time I travelled to the land of smiles, I was welcomed with warm Sawasdeeka in melodious singing English accent! We were overwhelmed by the diversity Thailand had to serve.

Here’s what I experienced from my visit!

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Cheap Thailand Flights

Flight to Thailand Air Asia
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Many Indian and Thai Airlines offer very cheap flight (as low as Rs.6k one way) options connecting major Indian Metro cities to Thailand. Some operators have even started direct flights to the Islands like Koh Samui, Krabi, Phuket if you want to avoid a layover at Bangkok. The Island transfers from Bangkok can also be book in rates less that Rs.1000 one way.If you are planning a budget trip to Thailand, you can book cheaper tickets excluding the check-in baggage rates. We booked all our AirAsia flights to Thailand with no Check-in baggage and enjoyed our backpacking experience around Thailand.

Promotions by Thailand Tourism

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If you are eyeing opportunities to travel to Thailand, you must have noticed the latest waivers on Thailand Visa fees which was applicable to many nations including India. One can now also apply for e-Visas on their e-Visa portal. The Visa on Arrival is also an easy process and does not require more than 30 minutes in the Airport.Thailand is full of tour operators on every corner of its roads who organize full-day or half-day tours at bargained rates. So if your Thailand tour package from India has little options, you can always pick some customized tours from the local operators.

Most tourist destinations are well connected. Their flights or buses operate frequently connecting Bangkok to its south as well as north. There are plenty of Govt. ferry and private boat services to explore the secluded islands from the mainland.

Bio Diversity in Thailand

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The landscape of Thailand vastly varies from its North to the South.

Northern Thailand is known for its mountain ranges shared borders with its neighbors Laos and Myanmar and river valleys with large tributaries of Chao Phraya River runs from north to south. This region has around sixty National parks which attract travelers for their river canyons, scenic waterfalls and springs and mountain caves. Atmosphere here are cooler than otherwise tropical Thailand.

Southern part of Thailand has many scattered islands with pristine beaches that offer some of the most romantic sunsets, opportunities to explore the beautiful undersea world in the Indian Ocean and huge sized limestone mountains which form beautiful lagoons.

Mesmerizing Buddhist Temples and Palaces

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Thailand has the prettiest of sparkling temples and palaces. The architecture and designs of these temples are mesmerizing.We also explored the beautiful Wat Chalong (one among the 29 temples) in Phuket. The life of Buddha and the Abbots of Buddhism has been depicted though its many statues.

The Ayutthaya Kingdom is also frequented by explorers interested in the historic remains of the old kingdom in Thailand. There are many Buddhist Temples in the old city of Ayutthaya and day tours can be taken from Bangkok.

The gorgeous premises of the Grand Palace, jeweled temple complexes like Wat Arun (temple of the dawn), Wat Pho (Temple of the reclining Buddha), Emerald Buddha and Wat Phra Kaew (Temple that houses the largest Golden Buddha Statue till date) in Bangkok is in every first timer’s Thailand tour itinerary.

Party and Shopping Hubs

Shopping Markets In Thailand
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Thailand is India’s favourite destination, People are travelling to Thailand for fancy Bachelorettes Parties, Destination Weddings, etc. The destinations like Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Phi Phi are known as the partying destinations of Thailand. The streets like Sukhumvit in Bangkok and Patong in Phuket come to life at sun down. It is all about music, drinks, light shows, variety of street food and people dancing all through the night.Thailand is also known for its shopping alleys, malls, weekend and night markets with a vast variety products and at reasonable prices. The floating markets and night markets around Thailand are frequented by many tourists coming to Thailand.

The Culinary Affair in Thailand

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Thailand being a tropical country has the most exotic variety of fruits. Every accommodation in Thailand serves a wide spread of tropical fruits for breakfast. Mango, Kiwi, passion fruit, Durian to name a few.When in Thailand, one must try the Thai cuisines like the Thai Curry, Pad Thai, Sticky Rice or Noodles. International cuisines are also easily available in the many cafes and restaurants. Seafood lovers can try some varieties here.

My go-to meals were Fried Rice, variety of Thai Pancakes and Coconut Ice-creams (a must try when in Thailand). The street side varieties are also mind-blowing in taste and hygienic as well.

If you are keen in learning your favorite Thai cuisines, one can take up cooking lessons during their stay here.

Escape to the Islands

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In Southern Thailand, one can access some of the most breathtaking tropical islands. There are many who prefer to spend their vacation on these islands away of the bustling cities. Islands like Krabi, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Phi Phi islands have gained limelight over the years.

I can never forget the romantic sunset views of the Aonang Beach at Krabi. The sight of the sun melting into the ocean and the colors in the sky changing from orange, red, purple, blue to finally pitch dark was a magical experience. Me and my partner sat by the beach even after sundown listening to the sound of the waves. I couldn’t resist to catch the glimpse of the sunset every evening in Krabi.

For the adventurers like us, we had the opportunity to book many day tours to the nearby islands. The James Bond Island cruising all day long was a very unique experience. Canoeing through Monkey Island and Hong Islands to explore the tropical lagoons enclosed within limestone caves and the dense mangroves was like an expedition in deep ocean. Thailand tourism is well developed to provide access to such remote islands. These can be included in the Thailand tour package from India.

Similarly, the rainforest treks in Krabi to experience the healing Hot water spring bath, the natural Blue Pool and Emerald pool are some of the hidden marvels of the nature that the Island offered.

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Thailand has a lot to offer, and a single visit is not enough to claim I have seen it all. I am yet to explore the Northern parts of the country.

How to travel responsibly to Thailand:

  • Animal parks for Elephants, Tigers and Aquatic lives are promoted on Thailand packages from India but I would request to avoid them. We never know how are they treated there.
  • Do not leave your waste on the island. Only then the aquatics can be preserved.
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