Capture Your Trip In The Most Creative Ways- Because Photos & Videos Are Too Mainstream!

Blog by Kritika Tuli

Travelling lets you get out of your comfort zone and experience the magnificent beauty this world has got. And what we do is try to capture this eternal beauty forever.  With capture, the first thing that comes to our mind is “Me and My Camera” and capture every awe-inspiring  artefact that we witness. But… Hold on! Is that the only way to capture a moment. Surely not! Because being in a moment and living it to the fullest would capture that moment in our hearts forever!!!!! Well, we’ve got some amazing ideas to capture a moment forever in your heart.

Sticks & Stones

How about being an observer and collecting some amazing stones and pebbles that place has got.If you’re a stone collector, you can’t miss looking for different pebbles to aggrandize your collection. Even if you’re not, collecting stones from a specific destination would let you go back in time and refresh the memories you made back in there.


Be The WildFlower

Another interesting way to capture a moment is by collecting the rare floral species of a place. You can always place them in jar and tag them with the destination you took them from and can be used as a DIY for home decor. Interesting! Isn’t it.


Of Love & Postcards

The next thing to collect from a place is a Postcard! And more postcards!! And more Postcards!!!!! Postcards and stamps are those of the few things that actually have got the power to take you back in time. They can always be used as DIYs by tapping them onto a map, badge them on the wall and mark them as done ! Ticking up your bucket list! Yay!


The Tasty Affair!

Menu Card of the local restaurants is another interesting thing to collect and retain ! A menu card of a restaurant where you had an amazing food can turn on your taste buds!😍 And you never know can even impel you to visit that place once more! Never underestimate the power of Good food. It can make you do freakish things!!


Nama-Slay Your Way

A very interesting and ‘must try’ way to retain a trip forever in your heart is To get in touch with the localities and learn basic greetings like hello, thank you in their language. This will let you learn new things and will surely leave a lasting impact on your heart.!❤

Capture Your Trip In The Most Creative Ways- Because Photos & Videos Are Too Mainstream!

Ticket to Time Travel

If an old ticket can’t take you back to that place, it can surely take you back in time to the memories of that place. It is undoubtedly the easiest way to capture a trip.🤙🏻


Petrichor Poetry

Last but not least, If you’re a trekker, you’ll surely fall in love with the soil of the place. How about collecting it in a jar and tagging it with the destination you’ve been? It would work as an amazing DIY plus an optimum way to capture a trip! ❤


Now that you know that there are more beautiful and lively ways than just photos and videos to capture the essence of your trip, go on and give these a try! Let us know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these, or if there are any other ways we can bring some part of a place back to home! <3

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  • Aniket vij

    Surely gonna give these remedies a try on my trip.
    Really looking forward to see more travelling tips from your side buddy.
    Happy holidays😊😊

    • Sakshi Dhamija

      Thiss is really really nice blog ..i loved reading it…wonderful work…….keep going like this😘😘

  • Damanpreet Singh

    Great Blog.. Will surely try atleast one of these remedies on my next trip..
    Expecting more unique blogs..

  • Namrata

    Beautiful ideas, specially collection of soil. I loved it and I will start doing it myself.

  • EmaratForex

    Nonetheless, Henkel and her student Katelyn Parisi ran another study to see what happens to memory when people have photos to remind them of a moment or object. Although, in the real world, Henkel rightly observes, “We’re so busy capturing photos that afterwards we don’t actually look at them.” Who hasn’t dumped a bunch of photos of a graduation or trip into Dropbox and promised to make an album only to never look at them again?

  • Kashish

    Bohot zyada bdia likha h proud of you ❤❤

  • Sakshi Dhamija

    Thiss is really really nice blog ..i loved reading it…
    wonderful work…….keep going like this😘😘

  • Dilman Randhawa

    Loved the ideas and awesome blog as it can inspire the people to capture their memories in different ways as it has inspired me to do so .

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