WanderOn’s Best Café Verdict Is Out: These Are The Must-Visit Cafes in Kasol

One of the best things about vacations is trying out the local cuisine and café hopping. Although not a big city, there are a lot of Insta-worthy cafes in Kasol that are high on trippy vibes, bohemian aura, and cozy atmosphere. Pahadi cuisine has an inexplicable appeal to it and these cafes serve the best Pahadi-style Maggi, momos, thukpa, stuffed egg paratha, pies, crepes, and a lot more. Some of them are Israeli Cafes too! Your café hopping experience will be a lot more memorable by visiting these best cafes in Kasol.

Here’s the list of 10 Instaworthy Cafes in Kasol

Moon Dance Café

Moon Dance Cafe Kasol
Image Source: tripoto.com

With a cute purple door and colorful walls, Moon Dance Café is one of the best cafes in Kasol. A popular hangout place, Moon Dance Café is known to serve multiple cuisines and their breakfast menu. Did you know it is also an Israeli café that serves authentic Israeli cuisine? The prices are pocket-friendly and travelers simply love the rustic hilly vibes. They have a little boulangerie where you can savor the baked goodies. Try the apple crumble, crepes, waffles, and fresh bread sandwiches.

Cost For Two: Rs 700
Ratings: 4.1/5 (2.7k+ Reviews)

Jim Morrison Café

jim morrison cafe best cafe in kasol.jpg
Image Source: thatgoangirl.com

This is yet another must-visit cafe in Kasol. Although a paradise for vegetarians, even meat lovers have a ball of a time while trying the delicious cuisine. Jim Morrison Café is a Pahadi eclectic café with colorful portraits, a tapestry, a sit-down arrangement, and cozy vibes. Listen to the classic rock tunes while you enjoy the great view while drinking shakes and trying out their Israeli as well as Indian menu.

Cost For Two: INR 700
Ratings: 4.2/5 (2.5k+ Reviews)

The Evergreen Café

Image Source: Holidify.com

This is a quaint little Insta-worthy café in Kasol that serves continental, Middle Eastern, Israeli, Pahadi food that is to die for. The little green door, the creepers sprawling over the building and the Bohemian décor makes it a charming little place. The Evergreen Café serves amazing omelets, fresh juices for breakfast. People love to try the momos, hummus, skewers, and the ultimate Oreo shake. Carry your cameras and fill your IG feed with tons of delightful photos.

Cost For Two: INR 850
Ratings: 4.3/5 (1.9k+ Reviews)

The Stone Garden Café

The Stone Garden Café
Image Source: Tripoto.com

If you ask around for the best cafes in Kasol, one name that would certainly pop up will be The Stone Garden Café. Frequented by the creative souls, artists, foreigners, and lovers of hippie-dippy vibes, this place offers live music gigs other than delicious dishes. The place is done up artistically with graffiti, art pieces, and wooden knick-knacks. Choose from a variety of dishes that include Thai soup, Thai chicken, Thukpa, grilled starters, and even Sushi! They also serve alcohol.

Cost For Two:
INR 700
Ratings: 4.2/5 (100+ Reviews)

Shiva Shanti Café

Image Source: Traveltriangle.com

Unwind at the colorful and sprawling Shiva Shanti Café and sip on Chai while reading and spending some quiet time. This is a super affordable place if you want to chill, listen to trippy music, soak into Kasol’s glory, and enjoy fast food.

Cost For Two: INR 450
Ratings: 4.1/5 (200+ Reviews)

Bhoj Restaurant

Bhoj Restaurant Kasol
Image Source: Magicpin.com

Go to Bhoj Restaurant if food is your religion. This is one of the best cafes in Kasol that serves drool-worthy Tuna sandwich, Israeli platter, Schnitzel, shakshuka, and many such interesting dishes. Go there for lunch, listen to foot-tapping music, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, and enjoy great conversations over food.

Cost for Two: INR 600
Reviews: 4.0/5 (250+ Reviews)

Shambhu’s Momo Corner

Image Source: Tripadvisor.com

Mountain jao aur momo na khao? Is it even possible? This tiny momo joint by the name Shambhu’s Momo corner is one of the must-visit spots in Kasol. Their momos are finger-licking good as they add a Pahadi twist to them. Make a stop to eat the steamed and fried momos with veg as well as non-veg stuffing that you can dip in the spicy peanut chutney.

Cost For Two: INR 300
Ratings: 4.0/5 (100+ Reviews)

Mama’s Café

Image Source: TravelTriangle.com

Kasol is also known as mini Isreal mostly due to the heavy number of Israeli tourists. You will easily find Israeli cuisine too and Mama’s Café is one such awesome place serving that. They also serve yummy finger food, Asian dishes, and International cuisine. You’ll enjoy the Trance music, playing pool on the pool table, and clicking the artsy décor.

Cost For Two: 650
Ratings:  3.7/5 (200+ Reviews)

Pink Floyd Café

Pink Floyd Cafe
Image Source: Tripadvisor.com

Visit this popular café in Tosh where travelers get to play music. The wooden paneled walls, giant glass windows, rustic ambiance, and local settlements in the vicinity give this place a ‘Cabin in the snowy mountain’ look. Sip on lemon ginger tea, hot coffee, and other hot beverages to keep yourself warm. There are plenty of food options such as wood-fired pizzas, pasta, soups, and many of them are even vegetarian.

Cost For Two: 550
Ratings: 4.0/5 (100+ Reviews)

Yan’s Place

Image Source: Google.com

Have a long afternoon ahead of you? Yan’s Place is a hidden place opposite Little Italy. With wooden walls and colorful tablecloth, you will feel like picnicking in the Alps. Try the Chef’s special wood-fired pizza, chicken schnitzel, Nutella shake, and many more delights. If you dislike, over-crowded places, this is a must-visit café that has a quiet and cozy feel.

Cost for Two: INR 650
Ratings: 4.0/5 (100+ Reviews)

Other than these 11 must-visit cafes mentioned in the blog, there are so many cafes to explore, such as Sasi restaurant, Little Italy, The Art Cafe, Oh Magic View Café, Riverview Café, etc. If you are on a workcation instead of a short trip, you can even make it to all of them! Sounds Interesting, right? Eat, drink, chill, and unwind!

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