Stok Kangri Trek Banned : Sad News For Travelers Around The World

Stok Kangri Banned

If the hustle and bustle of your daily life are dominating your days and worries about your future are ruling your life, then planning a week-long vacation with the best Ladakh tour packages will almost fix everything in your life. Ladakh tops the bucket list of every wanderer in India. It has a lot to offer, from thrilling biking experiences to highest motorable roads and passes in the world to breathtaking scenery of snow-laden mountain ranges, Ladakh offers well-preserved beauty and cultural explorations.

These serene mountain ranges of Ladakh have a challenging expedition for all the travel enthusiasts, popularly known as Stok Kangri Trek which is situated at an astonishing height of 6153 meters, in the Stok Range of the Himalayas, one of the 50+ amazing places to visit in Ladakh. After acclimatizing in Leh you can take this precarious but thrilling expedition where you can find glaciers, moraines, grasslands, and jaw-dropping scenic views, which will leave you awestruck.

Reasons Why Stok Kangri Trek Is Banned?

Reasons WStok Kangri Trek Is Banned?

Every year the number of travellers from all over the world is increasing, which is why problems like pollution and mismanagement of waste disposal have increased severely. The life of local residents of Stok Kangri Village is getting affected as the only few water bodies they have been polluted by excess activities of travellers in  Stok Kangri glaciers.

In the last few years, an increase of 1°C to 5°C has been observed in the average temperature of this place. Government officials are yet to announce the news for the Stok Kangri Trek Ban, but this will really affect the business of the locals who are earning from tourists.  It is very important to understand, Why travelling responsibly in Ladakh is important. Team WanderOn urge to every wanderer to travel responsibly so that no places like Stok Kangri get banned in the coming time.

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